Kudjip Nazarene Hospital
Box 456 Mt Hagen WHP
Papua New Guinea

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Welcome to the website of Community Based Health Care, or CBHC for short. Most of our ministry is centered in Papua New Guinea where we are a division of Nazarene Health Ministries, but we also minister in the South Pacific island nations of Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. We go where both we are invited and the need is greatest, which is usually the most medically underserved isolated rural difficult-to-get-to communities.


Our vision is individuals, families, and entire communities wholistically healthy in body, mind, soul, and spirit living in harmony with God, each other, and the environment.


Committed to the wholeness of God’s salvation work, we follow Christ’s incarnational model of active compassion to the whole person through the integration of spiritual growth, disease prevention, health promotion, and sustainable community owned and led development of healthy environments, healthy behaviors, and healthy policies.


We are facilitators, motivators, catalysts for change, and trainers of community-chosen Community Health Committees, Community Health Volunteers, and as needed, Village Birth Attendants. As a core member of the Papua New Guinea EDEN (Effective Development Empowering the Nation) Network, we unite with other like-minded ministries in using the internationally proven CHE (Community Health Evangelism) materials as the foundation of our training programs.

We do not provide goods and services, but we do freely share our knowledge and experience to enable communities to find their own longterm solutions to the poverty and disease they experience. Additionally, we train volunteer facilitators, motivators, catalysts for change, and trainers wherever we go in order that the ministry may multiply and spread to more places more quickly.