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Nazarene College of Nursing Activities and Graduation 2018.

Here at Nazarene College of Nursing, Health Care and Ministry go hand in hand, we serve God to serve men better. If you have not heard Jesus name and decide to come to this college, you will leave knowing fully well what that name means and who He is.

The college, through its Christian Religious Education (CRE) Department: teaches, guides, leads and helps students to know Christ, and themselves, through him. It is a very important arm of the college. It runs important programs every year for both students and staff alike. The department is headed by Rev. Andrew Ken, assisted by Rev. Omate Haneno; both ordained elders in the Church of the Nazarene.

Rev Andrew Ken and Rev Omate Haneno during 2018 Graduation

One of such is the Big Brother/ Sister Program where the students are put into groups and assigned to individual tutors. These tutors become the group’s mentor, inviting them for home fellowships, hospital wards and church visits, basically, be a guide.
We have fellowships every Wednesday whereby you will see staff and students coming together. Students leading the service and preachers are invited from all nationalities, andprofessions.








The college is also involved in Prison Fellowships (about 3 visits yearly). Hospital evangelism is done once every month end, as well as visiting preaching points (New church). You will find that our students are heavily involved in these programs. In their big brother/sister groups, students work together to proclaim the gospel.
There have also been 5 baptisms since 2013, for the students, and staff.

In addition, the college is heavily involved in Jesus Film Ministry (we are the only institution in the country that is driving this ministry). This is its third year in operation, since 2016. Invitations come in from churches within and outside the province, to show this film. So every end of the month, both pastors and selected students travel out. In the rural areas, especially those who cannot read, watching the Jesus film in Pidgin ( Tok Pisin) is a very effective medium with a lasting impact. Of the 14 churches visited last year, 42 people were saved. The furthest place visited was Bougainville, in June last year 2017.


Jesus Film Ministry in Southern Highlands.                 

All these programs are a part of the college’s extra curriculum programs, scheduled yearly. This college is doing it’s very best in a small way, to make a difference, by impacting the nation.


2018 College of Nursing Graduation Highlights

Our 42nd Diploma in General Nursing and 5th Laity Ministry Graduation was held on March 3rd, 2018. Our guest of honor was Dr. John Moore, who is the Asia Pacific Regional Education Coordinator; Church of the Nazarene.

Formally, our students graduate with a Diploma in General Nursing. Since 2013, students have been graduating with two certificates.
The second being Certificate in Laity Ministry: meaning we graduate Nurse Pastors. The main objective is that the college want to equip nurses with the necessary skills to reach out to the unreached, as lay persons.
If they feel called by God to go into full-time Ministry, they would take up the remaining courses at our nearby Melanesians Technological College which is unique unlike other Nursing Colleges and we are very privileged.






2018 Grandaunts.


Application Forms for College Admission

Application is open for 2019 Admission into the Nazarene College of Nursing.
Closing date is on the 1st of August.
Interested applicants are advised to pick up the applications forms at the college reception as the forms are numbered and photo copied forms will NOT be accepted.
All forms go with an information sheet, which has all necessary information for the applicants. It is a very stringent process, and the College Administration Committee cannot guarantee placements for all the applicants, as selection will be done upon merit.

Application Will ONLY be considered if;
• Genuine Official Grade 12 Certificate with A&B grade in English, Math’s, Chemistry, and Biology. Need to be certified by commissioner of oaths.
• GPA minimum of 2.50 and above.
• Student Must be Science Students.
• Official Matriculation Certificate from Department of DODL or University Open Campus.
• Age range from 18-22 (above 22 will not be considered)
• We accept ONLY single students therefore married Men & Women should not apply. And student has to remain single with no plans to marry until after graduation from the Nursing Course.
• Attached current ID or passport size photo.
• Character reference from a pastor signed and sealed with official church stamp/letter head.
• Reference from an education officer (head teacher or Class Patron) with the school letter Head and Stamps.
• K50.00 Application Fee receipt must be attached to this application. Application form without K50, this form will not processed.
• Good marks on Nazarene College of Nursing entrance test. This test is given to students who have meet the application requirements ONLY at Kudjip on the second ,Saturday 0f August every year. The letter will be given to students who have met the entrance test requirements for interview.
• Residents of the Highlands Region and students sponsored by their churches will be given special consideration, but must meet the entrance requirements.
• Send your complete Application Form with a (NON-REFUNDABLE) application fee of K50.00. Nazarene College of Nursing Account Number is # 1000874531 BSP Mt. Hagen.

With the new Online Selection put in place by the Department of Higher Education, the college can no longer choose which students are enrolled.
We thank you for your interest in this Institution.

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Nursing College Mission Trip to Southern Highlands province

Nursing students mission trip to SHP Pictures-Oct-2014 070Pictures-Oct-2014 080 Pictures-Oct-2014 074On September 19th, Nursing students, missionary Chapmans, teachers including Sr. Stacy, a volunteer tutor from USA and Rev. Andrew Ken went to Nipa platue of SHP to share the Gospel. Students presented items, missionary Mike Chapman and Rev. Andrew Ken shared the work of God. Many people came to hear the word of God!

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God’s Provision

God continues to bless its Ministry! Two new vehicles were donated by Australian Government. It came at the right when colleges was in the process of increasing the intakes. Clinical placing sites would require vehicles to transport students and it came at the right time!Pictures from Mobile 249    Rev. Andrew Ken is doing the dedication service for the 25 seater coaster and land cruiser.

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Baptism Program

 College Baptism ServiceThirteen nursing students have expressed their testimony through baptism service on the 14th of September 2014. District Superintendent Rev. Andrew Agus officiated the service.  September photos - 2014 399

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Graduation News

On the 25th of February 2012,  Nazarene Nursing College held  its 37th Graduation Ceremony at the Nursing College Nursing Compound. The event was attended by graduate’s families, church leaders and invited guests. The Guest Speaker was honourable Peter Ipatas,  Governor for Enga Governor Province. Prior to the graduation, a commission night was held on the 24th of February. Missionary Jeff Myers was the speaker at the commission night and challenge graduates to go out and make a difference for Jesus.

Graduation Candle lighting

Graduates candle lighting as symbol to go out and shine for Jesus

Graduates Commission Service

Graduates at the alter for a Prayer of dedication during the commission night






All nineteen graduates have been hired to work in Church and Government health services throughout the country. It was good to note that several graduates have gone to the remotest part of the country to serve God’s people.


Graduates Naomi Thoma

One of them is Naomi Thomas who will go to  Sangapy  health centre. This health centre is run by Church of the Nazarene. The Church occasional have problem in retaining staff  because of the geographical location. Naomi comes from this region and had a call to serve the Lord in helping her people. Do Pray for her!


Graduation Guest Speaker presenting the diplomas

Special Item ffrom Missionary doctors during graduation

Special Item from Missionary doctors during graduation


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College of Nursing expresses gratitude to Prayer Partners and Church Families in Christ who support this ministry. Here is another story of what our Lord is doing in the lives of our Nursing Students:


Jacob Paul is our graduate from Nazarene Nursing College in 2010. He comes from Rugli Village  in Baiyer District of WHP. During his College days he attended  one of the Wednesday night College fellowship. The program was a “Mission” night. Our Local Church NMI team came and shared to students on Call to Mission. He said, the message was; “ going out as being a missionary to your own country”,  he said he  sensed the CALL that night when he heard this message. He did not know where to go but said, he felt an urged within him to go down the road to do mission work.

After graduation he needed to go back to Catholic health ministries because he had some obligations with them. They gave him options and named the health centers and asked him which rural health facility would you go?  When they asked him this question…. he recalled the mission night when he heard the call and he responded…I want to go to remotest part of this province.  The place was  Ambulua, located in the remotest part of WHP. It’s location shares borders with chimbu and Madang Provinces. There is no road linkage, only by air. To go by road eight hours  from Kol  and walk two days from Ambulua to Kerowagi in the Chimbu Province.

When he went there he created fourteen clinical sites for immunizations many times he walks many hours, and sleep at the clinic site,  starts the baby clinic next day and returns to the health center.

An  example of Obstetrics Incident in unreached areas of PNG

One of the cultural taboos in that part of the country is ladies would not allow man to do deliveries so many do not come to antenatal care. One lady had labour pain and her membranes ruptured. The foetus hand came first…She was ashamed to ask other people to help so she tried to remove the baby and broke the baby’s hand.

Labor pain stated from 9am to 6pm. The family brought the mother on stretcher and walked 6 hours under heavy rain to health center where Jacob was working. They arrived at 10pm. They went and woke Jacob up from his sleep and he took her to the labor ward. Foetal heart sound was absent; he had to act as doctor because there is no doctors  available in that area. This part of the country, their access to see a nearest doctor is to fly into main centers to have access to see a physician so nurses would have to act as physician in many ways.  Jacob gave the mother salbutamol to stop labor pain. There is no good communication system located in this area so he got up at 4.30am and  walked one and half hours to a mountain where digicel mobile network is accessible. He called provincial health office about the situation and also called missionary aviation fellowship ( Mission Airline Company) office at their location.

The quick responses by Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) and the Provincial health office and an emergency flight took off for the rescue at their base. Jacob and his team had to take the mother and walk forty five minutes from health center to the airstrip

Because of the commitment shown by Jacob and his team and MAF and health office, the mother lost her baby but she is alive today.

He said, he wanted to do the mission work and was satisfied that he went to serve the unreached and neglected. We see this is the mission work at its best, we thank God for young people who had a call to go out and make a difference to the unreached and neglected part of God’s people.

White K

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Miracle on Computer Lab

This is a follow up of previous article about our computer lab. Here is the story from Philip Kaise a W& W team member who help set up the computer programs for the computer lab. He came at the time when the college needed someone!

My summer of 2011, and my time at the Kudjip Nazarene Hospital have now faded away. But the people and the events that took place in Kudjip that summer are forever etched in my memory.

I have deliberated for some time now as to whether I should say anything at all because I was concerned that some would consider it as prideful boasting. However after much prayerful consideration, I will tell you a story. But it is not about me and it is all about God and His glory.

I am Philip Kaiser. I am the “IT Specialist” Principal White wrote about in the “NCON Computer Miracle” post on the Kudjip NCON News website.  I was part of the 18 member Work and Witness Team lead by Dr. John Brothwell, from Northwest Community Church in Phoenix, Arizona that went to the Kudjip Nazarene Hospital during July and August, 2011. Our team was comprised of medical professionals and students who would work in the Kudjip Nazarene Hospital, those who would work laying the foundation for the new women’s nursing student dorm, and those who would cook and serve meals for the entire team. I was to be part of the construction team.

My part of  God’s story begins on June 3rd, 2011, when I decided to have elective outpatient surgery on my right foot to repair a torn tendon on the inside of my foot and re-attach a small tendon under my ankle on the right side of my foot. My doctor told me that after the surgery I could not be bear any weight on my foot for 4 weeks and then I would go through two weeks of physical therapy. After that I would be back to normal.  That left me with one week to spare before my July 22nd, 2011 departure for PNG. However, Satan had other plans.

On June 21st, 2011 I was light headed and had shortness of breath for about 20 minutes. After seeing the doctor and having an ultrasound diagnostic procedure done on my right leg I was admitted to the hospital in the cardiovascular unit on June 24th, 2011 for four days. I had developed post operative deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and had several small pulmonary embolisms (PE) in my lungs.  My EKG and other various diagnostic procedures showed I had no other problems. I was placed on blood thinners (Coumadin) as treatment and released from the hospital. Needless to say, my trip to PNG was in doubt.

Initially I was resigned that I would not be going to PNG, but God placed a strong desire within me to still go. During the subsequent doctor visits, we asked at every step of the way whether I could still fly and go to PNG. Each time the doctors confirmed that my DVT was stabilized and since I was on Coumadin, I could travel to PNG. Dr. Brothwell wryly pointed out to me, that I would likely be the one least likely to develop blood clots on the long flight to Australia and then PNG since I was on Coumadin. So after much pray I decided to go.

On July 22nd, 2011 I left with the rest of the work and witness team in a wheel chair, with my crutches, and an air-cast on my right foot. Originally I was to be part of the construction team laying the foundation for the women’s nursing student dorm. However, it was clear the God was going to use me in other ways and I was perfectly content that it would be working with the four ladies on the team cooking and serving meals for the rest of the team. After arriving at the Barnabas House at the Kudjip Nazarene Hospital compound on July 24th, 2011, I discussed with Mike and Diane Chapman my role on the team given my physical limitations with my right foot. Diane suggested that I could sort and count pills in the hospital pharmacy in addition to helping cook and serve meals.  So on Monday, July 25th, 2011, Diane picked me up from the Barnabas house to drive me to the hospital pharmacy. About halfway there, Diane asked me what kind of work I did back in Phoenix. I told her that I was an Engineer and did software and systems engineering for General Dynamics C4 Systems in Scottsdale, Arizona. She then asked me if I knew anything about computers. 🙂 I said “a little bit”.   :-}  She then drove right on past the hospital and took me to the new computer lab at the Nazarene College of Nursing. There I met Pastor August and thirty Dell Optiplex 740 computes in their boxes.

So I spent my two weeks in the NCON computer lab installing Ubuntu Linux and configuring the desktop for each of these computers, setting up the computer lab, and teaching Pastor August all I could about computers and IT administration of computers. As I came to learn and as is written in the “NCON Computer Miracle” post, God was working His good Providence with the NCON computer lab.  In March, NCON began building computer tables in faith, trusting that God would provide the computers. Then God indeed provided. He provided K30,000 from the Governor of another province (Egna) in the Western Highlands to buy thirty computers. And then in July, He brought me to the NCON computer lab in His perfect timing to install software and configure those computers and setup the computer lab. Also Curt Wellendorf and his son CJ were very instrumental with helping set up the computer lab. They drilled the holes in the computer desks and then helped set up each computer and route the mouse and keyboard cables and power cords through the holes they had drilled.

Just like Philip’s divine appointment with the Ethiopian eunuch (Acts 8:26-39), there were 18 divine appointments at Kudjip Nazarene Hospital that summer. Mine was but one of them. Dr. John, Dr. Mike, Nischell, Ashley, Jessica, and Marissa were part of the medical team and daily ministered to the physical needs of the local people at the hospital. Also Nischell, Ashley, Marissa, and CJ typed into MS Word documents important NCON teaching documents and records that were required to be in an electronic format so that NCON could keep its accreditation with the PNG government which was to expire in November. Kevin, Jerry, Curt, CJ, and Bailey labored daily in the “mud pit” laying the foundation for the new women’s nursing student dorm and witnessing to several of the local men who were part of their crew. Miles preached Sunday mornings at bush churches and taught at NCON. Francy also taught at NCON and also had several opportunities to minister to the women teachers and students at NCON struggling with domestic violence. Terri, Kitty, Carol, and Barb daily prepared meals for the entire team and served them to us.

18 divine appointments, made in His perfect Providence and timing.

My summer of 2011 has now faded away, ……… but His divine appointments are forever. To Him, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, belongs all the Glory forever, and ever, and ever. Amen. Amen. Amen.

John 17:3: This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.


Philip Kaiser
General Dynamics C4 Systems
8201 E. McDowell Rd.
Scottsdale, Arizona 85257
(480) 441-9825

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God’s Providence

On the 9th September, Sani Rambi a member of parliament representing the Mul Baiyer electorate  of western highland province visited the nursing college to sponsor our final year students to work in his electorate. His electorate is one of the pilot district to build community health post as part of the national health plan for the country. Four health facilities are under construction. He gave K23,000.00 to sponsor eight final year students. When they graduate they will go and serve his electorate.

In the midst of the discussion we walk over to see student’s computer lab and saw the need to help! He said,  “He’ll give K20,000.00 for 10 computers”. It amazes us to see how our LORD continues to  provide! Our Lord is still the PROVIDER!


W. White Kintak

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Call to Mission

Junior Kumie is a young lad from Whagi valley of Western Highlands Province. He graduated from Nazarene Nursing College in 2008. he had a CALL to serve Salvation Army health ministry. They posted him to one of the remote part of central province. This province is located in the coastal area of Papua New Guinea. Good road network system is lacking in that part of the country. Most of the time health workers walk to carry out their health extension programs. He walks 3-4 hours to see the sick patients, other places are 3 days and nights walk. When he reaches the villages, people would literally cry when they see such a young person going into their villages to help them. (In PNG most service providers would refuse to go rural areas to serve the people). As part of their appreciation they would bring food to him.

He walks with mosquito nets as this part of the country has more malaria incidences and risk snake bites, Papuan Black is a poisonous snake and is commonly found in that province. In spite of the difficulties he has been faithful to HIS CALL! His parents saw the risk his son was taking and they expressed concern over his safety and he responded, ” Nazarene Nursing College lit the candle and told us to go and “LIGHT THE WORLD”, people need us and we have a Call to Mission before us, we need to be obedient to HIS CALL” God will take care of us.

In spite of difficulties in his work, he has been faithful to the Call and the Lord elevated him to the next level, he was accepted into the PNG Army has a medical personnel. The latest development is.. he will be heading to US for further studies through Army program.

Praise be to God for what HE is doing in the lives of our young people such as Junior!


Your partner in God’s Ministry

White K.

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NCON Computer Miracle

We were told by the Nursing Council that the College must have a computer lab for it’s library.  The Management Team was worried.  NCON didn’t have the money, nor the expertise to set it up.  Fortunately, the Principal, Mr. White Kintak had a lot of faith and went forward.  Mr. White started with a bold move – instead of trying to scrounge together some used computers… he ordered computer tables to be built and we all prayed.  Below are a couple of the e-mails Mr. White has sent the past few months on how God worked everything out for them (with some editing/additions for clarification).

March 2011

Family in Christ,
NCON was building 30 computer tables for students in the last 4 weeks. It will be completed this week.  Someone asked, where will the computers come from, the other person answered, “God will provide, we’ll have to continue build the tables”.
This week brother Baru (NHM), Dr. Becky (CBHC), Cathy (NHM Finance) were attending CMC highlands regional meeting in Wabag.  The meeting was opened by Enga Governor who is a strong supporter of Church health services in his province. During the break Becky and I were casually talking to him and we gave him a copy of the letter I sent earlier (trying to raise funds for the computers).  As we were talking he asked, how many computers we needed and quickly wrote some notes on the paper and asked his advisor, “how much does each computer cost”?   The advisor said, “about K3,000.00”. He said, “I will buy you 10 computers for the Nursing college!”

For your information, Enga is a different province, we are in Western Highlands.  Almost always, governors spend all their resources in their own province not somewhere else!

Our God is the PROVIDER! We Praise him for this development and our gratitude to you all for your Prayers.


August 2011:

CON got its computers for the students and needed someone to install them. And this week a W&W team member (from Arizona) who is specialist in IT came at the right time. He is not only helping in installing programs and networking but is teaching Ps Agus computer skills (Rev. August is the pastor who teaches lay-ministry training to the nursing students) . Another member of the W&W team is helping with the drilling of holes. We have seen our Almighty’s HAND through donations of funds for students’ computers, seen HIM working through our sister institution (Christian Leaders Training College) that ordered good computers from overseas at a reasonable price for us, we continue to see HIM using HIS servants to move this project forward!



As a side note/explanation, the IT man who ended up helping was Phil Kaiser.  He had just had a slow recovery from an ankle surgery and complications before coming to PNG.  He used a wheelchair through airports and is walking with a cane here… one might look at his leg in a brace and wonder what he would do with a Work and Witness Team building a duplex for the hospital and NCON…. however God had the perfect job for him here all lined up for him to come just as the computers arrived!  Also because a partner ministry helped us order, and other missionaries here gave expert advise on what to order they turned the donation for 10 computers into 30 computers!


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