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Community Based Healthcare

Shift of focus

After many years of successful CBHC ministry, NHM is needing the Church to continue the CBHC program. Through the years, we have trained hundreds of volunteers all over PNG and beyond and now it will be up to them to continue the work of helping communities find health for body and soul through Community Based Health Care.

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What a blessing it is to be able to replace the old CBHC four wheel drive Land Cruiser. It is a great assistance to the staff of CBHC for this ministry. They will now be able to easily drive to more communities and … Continue reading

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Transformation for the Hewa Tribe.

Hello everyone, I am Mr. Matthew Galman, I coordinate the Nazarene Community Based Health Care program.  It is my honor to be able to thank you all for your support. . God is glorified as we are reaching out touching peoples’ lives for Jesus especially in remote, isolated and medically undeserved communities in many parts of PNG. Without  your prayers and generous giving. It would be totally impossible to do the things we are doing.dsc_0597

In 2012, I was introduced by Dr. Allan Sawyer, his wife Theresa and a team of Samaritan’s purse video crew to the people of the Hewa tribe in Yifki somewhere at the boarder of Enga, Ela and East Sepik provinces. It is a very remote and isolated tribe in PNG.  While there, we conducted a week long medical training on clean and safe child birthing and at the same time treating those who were sick.  It took the entire medical team’s attention to focus on teaching about clean and safe delivery. The entire community was there.  They were hearing and learning this for the very first time in their life. They learned that it is all right for men to take care of their wife while pregnant up to the time and after they deliver their baby, that it is ok to for women to deliver their baby in the family house instead of isolating themselves in the bush garden house for more than two weeks, that it is OK for men to hold and curdle their babies and many more. At that time, It was difficult to know whether our training had an impact or not. When I returned last year and again this year. It was evident that our health training is actually working.dsc_0526

Pregnant women are well cared for now, babies are being delivered under supervision by trained and experienced village birth attendants with much help from Susan Kopf, the tribes’ missionary wife. Pit latrines with hand washing stations are being constructed, foot path with flower beds are being built for the first time, people are making effort to fence out pigs, more houses with ventilation windows are build, dish racks are constructed and many more.

People are taking necessary steps/actions to improve their health condition, promote prevention of diseases and better care for their community now and into the future. God is at work. Praise be to His name.

I would like to extent our special thank you to the USA NMI districts that have adopted and raised money to support CBHC along with other church, individuals and ministries who have prayed and gave to meet our needs.

Thank you.

Matthew Galman, Coordinator. NHM CBHC.

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Healing for the Hewa tribe.

You can click on this 094 Three Strands of Hope in Hewa GDSim Sep15 (1) to read the full story about CBHC impacting for healing and spiritual transformation. Please continue to pray for CBHC. God is using CBHC to impact many needy remote and medically undeserved isolated communities in PNG.

Matthew Galman – Coordinator CBHC.


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Jimi Training: 6 Accept Christ

Jimi road and church in the mist  “The Jimi” refers to the Jimi Valley and the mountains that surround it.  With one poor road down it clinging to the edges with 1,000 foot drop offs in places.  It is a remote, rugged, and seldom traveled place.  The Church of the Nazarene has had a strong ministry there the last 50+ years. There are many churches and new preaching points scattered throughout the Jimi.  It is still a growing area of ministry and still a place of great need, where people have little access to services such as quality health care and education.

Issaac teaches in JimiMay 25-28th, CBHC held a training where the 30 surrounding Nazarene Churches sent pastors and laypeople nominated by their churches to be trained on the Most Important Health Care Knowledge.  This is about teaching people the things that can make the biggest impact on their health, such as basic sanitation, clean water, etc…  More than this, CBHC uses a Trainer of Trainers model so that these people would go back to teach these principals in their churches and communities.

Jimi CBHC trainingCBHC teaches people holistic health.  They talk about clean and holy living in both body and spirit.  At the training the last night, the community around the hosting church was invited to share some of the training as well as a Christian video.  6 people came to know Christ and many recommitted themselves to God and to working together as a community to bring about positive change.


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In the tent.

Our small tent here has sheltered us from the unfriendly weather of wind, cold and rain over the last five days that we have been here. My heart is at peace now that our time here has not been in vain. We have trained and motivated a really good number of men and w

Training in the tent

Training in the tent

CBHC 4WD that handles the tough roads to communities.

CBHC 4WD that handles the tough roads to communities.

Communiy discussion in the open on a fine day

Community discussion in the open on a fine day

Isaac and Jay warming up themselves at night beside a warm village fire.

Isaac and Jay warming up themselves at night beside a warm village fire.

The tent

The tent in Morgaran community in South Simbu PNG

omen, both young and old in this isolated medically under served community about basic sanitation, health and hygiene. We have trained and motivated every individual to take ownership of their personal, family and community health. We covered most of the topics that cause most sufferings and deaths in our world today. We pray and continue to teach and discuss with the community through our health lesson topics about real causes of diseases. This community likes many other communities throughout PNG that have a very strong amnestic back ground. They believe very strongly that illnesses and deaths are causes by evil spirits. As a result of this belief, the accusations and punishment of innocent people is therefore imminent. Through the power and wisdom of Gods holy spirit, we try creative means and ways to tell the community that the real evil spirits are not spirits of dead people of other evil spirits but instead they are Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites, Fungus etc…. and that these germs are invisible so as the any evil spirit is also invisible. We help them understand that it is only the deception of the evil one to lie to us, to bring disunity, laziness and death. John 10:10 tells us that the devil comes to steal and destroy but the Jesus come to give us life We therefore must no longer believe in the lies of the evil one. Instead we must know that real enemy is the devil and we must by all means know how to prevent these germs from making us sick. May all the glory and honor be to our great and mighty King who lives forever? His name is exhausted above all the earth. His name is Jesus.

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A moment to remember.

The week long village birth attendant refresher training has just ended here in Dusin, Middle Ramu district. All of our volunteer village birht attendants(midwives) have had a wonderful time of refreshing their midwifery shills, a time of sharing personal tersiomonies and a time in which they were able to interact with each other. Ir was truely a blessed time.

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. Whe the time came for me to fly out, the plane could not land due unfriendly weather all week. I was stranded for one whole week. I knew that Lord was in control of the weatehr but I also knew that God was also allowing this to happen for a reason.  Later on during the week a woman was in labout that was in trouble. It was her seccond baby. I was told that she had a really difficult delivery with her first pregnancy where she almost passed away during child birth three years ago. She was in labout for two and a half days, she was weak, dehydrated and pale. She was also a wife of one of our pastors. She did not look good at all. She was carried by her family on a five hours walk to dusin with the intention to put her on a plane out to hospital or health center.

I heard about it and went over to where the woman was to see her. After asking a few questions and  brief ovservation. It was obvious that she was really weak and dehydrated from not eating and drinking for almost two days. It was against ther custom for a pregnant woman to eat drink during labour. I prayed with the falmily, explained to them why she was weak and that she should eat and drink. We gave har food and water. A few hours later I assistecd the woman alongside with other trained village birth attendants and she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Everyoen was really happy and praising God. I was so blesse that the plane did not come. This woman or the baby in a normal case would have normaly died. I learned a lesson that no matter where we are, in what ever situation we may ; That experience can be used for somethng good to help another. Praise be to God!

Holding the newborn baby just delivered

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Community Based Health Care…You Probably Never Thought About it Like This!

Highlands, Papua New Guinea: When most people hear the term “Community Based Health Care” (CBHC), visions of mobile clinics, vaccinations, and children and mothers lined up for exams probably come to mind. Nazarene Community Based Healthcare is so much  more!

CAM00499“We believe that spiritual transformation is the foundation of all other transformation,” explains Matthew Galman,  CBHC Coordinator for Melanesia. “When a person is transformed spiritually, then his/her mind will change along with their emotions and physical body.  This is what health is all about, it is not just absence of sickness, but a total wellness of the Physical, Spiritual, Emotional and Social aspects of a person.”

Just recently, pastors, women and husbands from several local churches in the Highland’s District, invited CBHC to come and lead a three day training on Moral Values.

CAM00538It was a time of reflection and restoration, where wives and mothers reflected upon their lives and celebrated the future that God has for them.  The training began in the book of Genesis,  and then incorporated holistic approaches to health, elevating the physical, spiritual, social and emotional health of the women so that they have equal dignity in their households and society.

In many Melanesian cultures, women are viewed as the property of their husbands.  Their worth is defined by their husbands, and their only job is to take care of all the household needs and bear and raise children.

Nazarene CBHC, through training such as the Moral Values Training, is helping to alter this mentality that has been passed down from generation to generation.  “A mentality that has stood like a strong wall that cannot be broken, one that has been affecting many women and sickening the health of the society,” says Galman.

CAM00522The training is having a major impact on the communities.  “It is a very challenging moment for Christian husbands,” explains Galman. “Many of them repent and enter into reconciliation with their wives and Christ.  Even though they are not physically sick, they realize that they need a total change and transformation, which can only come from the great physician, our Lord and Savior. ”

Nazarene CBHC is now being asked to return and do follow up training so that the community can change and see each other through the eyes of God!

“It is our prayer that God will help us to break down the walls…that our place will be a better place where people will be transformed holistically and live a healthy life with fullness and live in harmony with one another and with God,” says Galman.

Please continue to pray for the Nazarene Healthcare Ministries of Melanesia and the South Pacific.  Lives are being changed for eternity!

Matthew Galman, CBHC Coordinator.

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The most important knowledge

The Nazarene community Based health care now uses a new training material to run a church health program called the “Most Important knowledge” to train pastors in our twelve districts in Papua New Guinea.
The program just started last year with a few districts and now we are gradually reaching out to the twelve districts. Just recently we conducted training on the Simbu Eastern Highlands District (SEHD). There were 52 pastors who gathered for the four days of “The Most Important Knowledge” training. They came from both urban and remote parts of SEHD.
Simbu pastors who were at the training, said that health is a major problem in their churches and that they will work towards equipping their members with the most important knowledge. But before they can tell the members of their churches, they must become role model themselves.
Eventually preventable disease will be minimized and their church members will live a healthy lifestyle with fewer burdens caused by preventable diseases.
Most important knowledge is found to be very simple and easy to tell by just seeing the picture. It is a picture book which is very helpful for the church members who are not literate because they can just see the picture and then understand the message.
The training basically talks about preventive health and how each pastor can teach their church members to prevent illness and suffering how they can promote health and well- being in themselves, church members, families and eventually the surrounding communities.
Through holistic ministry approaches such as “The Most Important Knowledge,” lives are being impacted and the love of Christ is being shared.

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Matthew’s testimony

Matthew and family at home after discharged from hospital

I almost died in a car accident I had on 8th
August 2011. It was around 7:30am, and I was driving my van down the road when
suddenly a big truck coming on high speed hit me head on.  After being hit, I was pushed off the road
and into the ditch. It happened so quickly that I did not have any time to save
myself. I was badly hit. Bystanders including other people who were travelling
on that highway came to my rescue. I still had some consciousness at that
moment, but I was bleeding badly and in a lot of pain.  My right femur was badly fractured as well as
my right toes, ankle, and hip. I also had a bad chest injury and a fractured
rib bone. I couldn’t breathe. In the process of trying to pull me out of the
smashed van, my left lower tibia was fractured. I went into shock in the
process. I woke up three days later in the hospital with tubes all over my body
and tied down to the bed with a skeleton traction.  I was bruised all over, I was in great pain,
my whole body was swollen, and breathing was difficult. I was supported with
oxygen. I also lost a lot of blood through the deep lacerations in my right
foot. I was given 2 units of blood to compensate the loss.

Over the first three weeks of my being in hospital, it was
not easy for me.  I started to ask God
these questions; why me? Why have you let this happen to your servant? What
have I done to deserve this? Why did you not protect me? You know that I have
always done my best in the Kingdom building and why me? Why, why, why???

Satan took advantage of the opportunity to really discourage
me more and more as I continued to ask these questions. I could not find any
answers to my questions. One afternoon when I was really down and crying, Dr.
Jim Radcliffe came in just in time and asked. What now? I shared with him my
worries and complaints. He paused for a moment after listening to me and then
encouraged me to trust God. He said that when Jesus was tempted by the devil,
He would rise up and tell him to get behind Him in His thoughts. He would never
listen or bow to the devil’s sly ways.

It has been almost six months since the accident. I was
in traction for four months. I was operated on in December and a metal plate
and screws placed to help join my femur. I am healing well but my hip fracture
has not healed yet. Doctors say that I may need either a partial or a total hip
replacement. I continue to trust in God in everything.

With all my heart
I would like to praise God and appreciate the following people:

Dr. Jim Radcliffe and the surgery team for
giving their best in saving my life and operating to place plates and screws in
my femur and continual surgical care, home visits and support. Thank you.

Dr. Bill McCoy who rescued me from pethidine
addiction including other doctors and nurses who helped one way or the

All the nursing staff of surgical ward who
provided the best care while I was there.

All Missionaries here in Kudjip who helped in
supporting me throughout my suffering and distress. Thank you for the books,
encouragement, and prayers.

My wife Sandra and three daughters; Claudia,
Chloe and Chennaiah for their care, for their patience and prayers. I love you
all dearly.

To Mike and Diane Chapman for the many
encouragements and help.

To the body of believers who prayed for me
around the world when they read about my injury online. Thank you so much

Finally to all friends, families and relatives
who showed their love and compassion.

I now strongly believe that God is not finished with me
yet. I am now stronger than ever on the inside. I have now experienced the
fullness of God’s miraculous healing power. I therefore believe and want to
contribute meaningfully in whatever I can to carry out the CBHC ministry here
PNG or wherever else and whenever. I am here to be used for His glory.



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