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Call to Mission

Junior Kumie is a young lad from Whagi valley of Western Highlands Province. He graduated from Nazarene Nursing College in 2008. he had a CALL to serve Salvation Army health ministry. They posted him to one of the remote part of central province. This province is located in the coastal area of Papua New Guinea. Good road network system is lacking in that part of the country. Most of the time health workers walk to carry out their health extension programs. He walks 3-4 hours to see the sick patients, other places are 3 days and nights walk. When he reaches the villages, people would literally cry when they see such a young person going into their villages to help them. (In PNG most service providers would refuse to go rural areas to serve the people). As part of their appreciation they would bring food to him.

He walks with mosquito nets as this part of the country has more malaria incidences and risk snake bites, Papuan Black is a poisonous snake and is commonly found in that province. In spite of the difficulties he has been faithful to HIS CALL! His parents saw the risk his son was taking and they expressed concern over his safety and he responded, ” Nazarene Nursing College lit the candle and told us to go and “LIGHT THE WORLD”, people need us and we have a Call to Mission before us, we need to be obedient to HIS CALL” God will take care of us.

In spite of difficulties in his work, he has been faithful to the Call and the Lord elevated him to the next level, he was accepted into the PNG Army has a medical personnel. The latest development is.. he will be heading to US for further studies through Army program.

Praise be to God for what HE is doing in the lives of our young people such as Junior!


Your partner in God’s Ministry

White K.

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