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College of Nursing expresses gratitude to Prayer Partners and Church Families in Christ who support this ministry. Here is another story of what our Lord is doing in the lives of our Nursing Students:


Jacob Paul is our graduate from Nazarene Nursing College in 2010. He comes from Rugli Village  in Baiyer District of WHP. During his College days he attended  one of the Wednesday night College fellowship. The program was a “Mission” night. Our Local Church NMI team came and shared to students on Call to Mission. He said, the message was; “ going out as being a missionary to your own country”,  he said he  sensed the CALL that night when he heard this message. He did not know where to go but said, he felt an urged within him to go down the road to do mission work.

After graduation he needed to go back to Catholic health ministries because he had some obligations with them. They gave him options and named the health centers and asked him which rural health facility would you go?  When they asked him this question…. he recalled the mission night when he heard the call and he responded…I want to go to remotest part of this province.  The place was  Ambulua, located in the remotest part of WHP. It’s location shares borders with chimbu and Madang Provinces. There is no road linkage, only by air. To go by road eight hours  from Kol  and walk two days from Ambulua to Kerowagi in the Chimbu Province.

When he went there he created fourteen clinical sites for immunizations many times he walks many hours, and sleep at the clinic site,  starts the baby clinic next day and returns to the health center.

An  example of Obstetrics Incident in unreached areas of PNG

One of the cultural taboos in that part of the country is ladies would not allow man to do deliveries so many do not come to antenatal care. One lady had labour pain and her membranes ruptured. The foetus hand came first…She was ashamed to ask other people to help so she tried to remove the baby and broke the baby’s hand.

Labor pain stated from 9am to 6pm. The family brought the mother on stretcher and walked 6 hours under heavy rain to health center where Jacob was working. They arrived at 10pm. They went and woke Jacob up from his sleep and he took her to the labor ward. Foetal heart sound was absent; he had to act as doctor because there is no doctors  available in that area. This part of the country, their access to see a nearest doctor is to fly into main centers to have access to see a physician so nurses would have to act as physician in many ways.  Jacob gave the mother salbutamol to stop labor pain. There is no good communication system located in this area so he got up at 4.30am and  walked one and half hours to a mountain where digicel mobile network is accessible. He called provincial health office about the situation and also called missionary aviation fellowship ( Mission Airline Company) office at their location.

The quick responses by Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) and the Provincial health office and an emergency flight took off for the rescue at their base. Jacob and his team had to take the mother and walk forty five minutes from health center to the airstrip

Because of the commitment shown by Jacob and his team and MAF and health office, the mother lost her baby but she is alive today.

He said, he wanted to do the mission work and was satisfied that he went to serve the unreached and neglected. We see this is the mission work at its best, we thank God for young people who had a call to go out and make a difference to the unreached and neglected part of God’s people.

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