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Papua New Guinea

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Blog Highlight – Pedaling for PNG (Dr. Stephanie)

A few weeks ago, I introduced you to three college students who were biking their way

across America to raise awareness and funds for Kudjip Nazarene Hospital.  Taylor and John have been rejoined by Kevin.  They are now in Virginia and on the last leg of their incredible journey.  For the latest update, follow this link to their blog:  pedalingforPNG

They guys decided to use contributions to buy equipment that will help us take better care of the babies on D-ward.  Two brand new fetal dopplers were put into service on D-ward this week!  These little machines are like microphones to listen to the baby’s heart beat.  The new models are especially nice as they have a digital read of the fetal heart rate.  The nurses previously carried around a big wall clock to monitor the time.  Sister Sylvia was blessed to tears!

Thanks to Taylor and John and Kevin, and everyone who gave to their trip, for the wonderful gifts.

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