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Nazarene College of Nursing Activities and Graduation 2018.

Here at Nazarene College of Nursing, Health Care and Ministry go hand in hand, we serve God to serve men better. If you have not heard Jesus name and decide to come to this college, you will leave knowing fully well what that name means and who He is.

The college, through its Christian Religious Education (CRE) Department: teaches, guides, leads and helps students to know Christ, and themselves, through him. It is a very important arm of the college. It runs important programs every year for both students and staff alike. The department is headed by Rev. Andrew Ken, assisted by Rev. Omate Haneno; both ordained elders in the Church of the Nazarene.

Rev Andrew Ken and Rev Omate Haneno during 2018 Graduation

One of such is the Big Brother/ Sister Program where the students are put into groups and assigned to individual tutors. These tutors become the group’s mentor, inviting them for home fellowships, hospital wards and church visits, basically, be a guide.
We have fellowships every Wednesday whereby you will see staff and students coming together. Students leading the service and preachers are invited from all nationalities, andprofessions.








The college is also involved in Prison Fellowships (about 3 visits yearly). Hospital evangelism is done once every month end, as well as visiting preaching points (New church). You will find that our students are heavily involved in these programs. In their big brother/sister groups, students work together to proclaim the gospel.
There have also been 5 baptisms since 2013, for the students, and staff.

In addition, the college is heavily involved in Jesus Film Ministry (we are the only institution in the country that is driving this ministry). This is its third year in operation, since 2016. Invitations come in from churches within and outside the province, to show this film. So every end of the month, both pastors and selected students travel out. In the rural areas, especially those who cannot read, watching the Jesus film in Pidgin ( Tok Pisin) is a very effective medium with a lasting impact. Of the 14 churches visited last year, 42 people were saved. The furthest place visited was Bougainville, in June last year 2017.


Jesus Film Ministry in Southern Highlands.                 

All these programs are a part of the college’s extra curriculum programs, scheduled yearly. This college is doing it’s very best in a small way, to make a difference, by impacting the nation.


2018 College of Nursing Graduation Highlights

Our 42nd Diploma in General Nursing and 5th Laity Ministry Graduation was held on March 3rd, 2018. Our guest of honor was Dr. John Moore, who is the Asia Pacific Regional Education Coordinator; Church of the Nazarene.

Formally, our students graduate with a Diploma in General Nursing. Since 2013, students have been graduating with two certificates.
The second being Certificate in Laity Ministry: meaning we graduate Nurse Pastors. The main objective is that the college want to equip nurses with the necessary skills to reach out to the unreached, as lay persons.
If they feel called by God to go into full-time Ministry, they would take up the remaining courses at our nearby Melanesians Technological College which is unique unlike other Nursing Colleges and we are very privileged.






2018 Grandaunts.


Application Forms for College Admission

Application is open for 2019 Admission into the Nazarene College of Nursing.
Closing date is on the 1st of August.
Interested applicants are advised to pick up the applications forms at the college reception as the forms are numbered and photo copied forms will NOT be accepted.
All forms go with an information sheet, which has all necessary information for the applicants. It is a very stringent process, and the College Administration Committee cannot guarantee placements for all the applicants, as selection will be done upon merit.

Application Will ONLY be considered if;
• Genuine Official Grade 12 Certificate with A&B grade in English, Math’s, Chemistry, and Biology. Need to be certified by commissioner of oaths.
• GPA minimum of 2.50 and above.
• Student Must be Science Students.
• Official Matriculation Certificate from Department of DODL or University Open Campus.
• Age range from 18-22 (above 22 will not be considered)
• We accept ONLY single students therefore married Men & Women should not apply. And student has to remain single with no plans to marry until after graduation from the Nursing Course.
• Attached current ID or passport size photo.
• Character reference from a pastor signed and sealed with official church stamp/letter head.
• Reference from an education officer (head teacher or Class Patron) with the school letter Head and Stamps.
• K50.00 Application Fee receipt must be attached to this application. Application form without K50, this form will not processed.
• Good marks on Nazarene College of Nursing entrance test. This test is given to students who have meet the application requirements ONLY at Kudjip on the second ,Saturday 0f August every year. The letter will be given to students who have met the entrance test requirements for interview.
• Residents of the Highlands Region and students sponsored by their churches will be given special consideration, but must meet the entrance requirements.
• Send your complete Application Form with a (NON-REFUNDABLE) application fee of K50.00. Nazarene College of Nursing Account Number is # 1000874531 BSP Mt. Hagen.

With the new Online Selection put in place by the Department of Higher Education, the college can no longer choose which students are enrolled.
We thank you for your interest in this Institution.

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Late Sr Regina Kintak’s Tribute

Late Sr Regina Kintak, Deputy Director of Nursing Services, passed away on the 22nd of September at Port Moresby General Hospital: Diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy (a heart condition).

Survived by husband Mr. White Kintak, Principle of Nazarene College of Nursing, sons- Alister, Harrison and Joas; and daughters- Amanda, Emelyn, Stephany, and Abigail.

She faithfully contributed immensely through Nazarene Health Ministries serving the people of Papua New Guinea for 33 solid years of service in ministry.

Late Sr. Regina had a servant’s heart and was a role model to many who have come to know her. A mother to all, sister, manager, mentor, councilor, and church planter with a smile always on her face, which cannot be seen today but will be remembered.

Late Sr. Regina had a strong determination that she always wanted to share the holiness message of hope to her people. She started a small preaching point with some College of Nursing big brother/ big sister group back in her village in the southern Highlands province. During the funeral service, her family made a commitment to continue to invest in the church building that their mother had started as a preaching point. “Church is our life” said, Amanda White, “We’ve always been in the church and that’s where we belong.”

Thank you for those of you who have prayed and fasted during the time of illness and hospitalization for healing and recovery but God called her home to eternal Glory according to His will.

  • 1 Thes. 4:13-14 Brothers and sisters, we do not want you to be ignorant about those who fall asleep, or to grieve like the rest of men, who have no hope. We believe that Jesus died and rose again and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in him.
  • Let us live with the hope and faith we have seen in our dear sister:Hebr 6:19a “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure..”

We invite you to continue in prayer at this time of mourning and sorrow.
May her soul rest in eternal peace.

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Pray for the Nation of Papua New Guinea

Please pray for the nation of Papua New Guinea during these current election period, there are many areas of civil unrest .This has resulted in periodic closing of some public services ,airport and limitation to road travel at times. Many schools particularly in the highlands have remained closed.One Nazarene man ,a police officer,died in the performance of his duties .The Nazarene Hospital and College of Nursing despite receiving  threat related to election but  remained open the entire time .The unrest as at times limited supplies of oxygen and normal business.It has also affected the travel of everyone.The missionaries at Kudjip are also indirectly affected as they try to keep running services and ministr to those affectd.More election related violence and casualty flooding into hospital emergency room.

Please we request global church of the Nazarene and Christians community to pray for this time of civil unrest and Pray for Good government formation needs in this country.

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During the months of March, April and May, the Nazarene General Hospital, Jiwaka, finished seven weeks of electrical power line upgrades.  This work was done by I-TEC, a mission organization that does electrical and power line work for other missions.  This was their second work team to come to Kudjip.  The first team came in 2014, at the end of the hydro project, to put in the electrical lines from the new hydro to the switch house.  Plans were made at that time for I-TEC to return and finish the project by upgrading the electrical distribution system to the rest of the station.  Tom Garber and Gene Flewelling oversaw a total of 27 volunteers who were mostly power-linemen, electricians, and ground crew.

The amount of work accomplished was phenomenal.  The three main goals were to move the switch house (transferring all the breakers and transfer switches) into the new back-up generator/switch house, re-conductor the line from the hydro to the new switch house, and to put in a high voltage line down to the new neighborhoods in Jordan Valley.  Other smaller tasks involved installing new feeder lines to four of the neighborhoods on stations.  They also had the time to put the Nazarene elementary and high school on their own power line and run a new line to the lift station.

Besides the work that was done on the electrical upgrade, the I-TEC volunteers were involved in other ways as well.  Many hours were spent working with our PNG electricians and giving them on-the-job training in power line work.  The I-TEC electricians also used their knowledge to get the new laundry dryers working for the hospital and improved the quality of electricity in the dental and surgical areas.  The I-TEC team made an impact on the overall quality of electricity on the station, and especially in the hospital.  We are grateful for their hard work.

There are many aspects to making a hospital run.  God has provided wonderful doctors, great staff and volunteers that are a part of the work and outreach that occurs at the hospital.  Each person has a valuable ministry to do, and each point of ministry works together with the others so that God’s name is glorified as we share the Good News with those who come to us for medical attention.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who has had a part in the ministry here at Kudjip. Your prayers, donations and time make a difference in the lives of the patients we serve, as well as the people who live and work here.  You are all a critical link in the chain of this ministry.   To God be the glory!                     – Earl and Cathy Hartwig    

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Kudjip Declared to be Provincial Hospital for Jiwaka Province.

Nazarene Hospital in the highlands of Papua New Guinea have been serving the people of Jiwaka and PNG for the last 50 years.  It has now been declared to be the provincial hospital for Jiwaka. It was a great achievement in the history of Nazarene Hospital and Church of the Nazarene.  It was a historical moment for the government of PNG to sign an agreement in partnership at this level with a church health service.  The signing took place at the Provincial Headquarters office – between National Department of Health,  Jiwaka Provincial Government, and Nazarene Hospital and was witnessed by Nazarene District Superintendent Rev. Peter Degne.DS Peter Degna sm

The MOA declared Nazarene General Hospital- Jiwaka to be listed the provincial hospital, rather than a health centre or district hospital as it has in the past.  This increases the church’s ability to access more operational and salary support than in the past. The Nazarene Health Ministries hopes that this increased partnership opens up new opportunities for more ministry and particularly to increase training of PNG doctors.

Dr. Dooley, the Hospital Administrator, praised God and thanked the Government for recognizing what the church is doing through health ministries in this country and services provided in the rural areas.  So much needs to be done through health and many life out in the rural and remote part of our province and country needs quality health care.  The Nazarene Hospital prays that it can demonstrate to the government and other partners that investing in the church’s work can exponentially impact health and what is being done here could work in other areas of this country.  Dr. Dooley said, changes will not be seen over night as hospital being declared to be provincial, but it will take time as we continue to see increasing government and other partner support.  This year government funding will be the same but we are praying that next year budgets will be increased from the National Government and Department of Health that can be used for more growth in clinical services and teaching.  Dr. Dooley extended his word of appreciation to all the nurses, doctors, and support staff from Nazarene Hospital for their commitment, dedication, and a heart to serve in this ministry for the last 50 years.  Also thanked the community, the Kuma and Sekeng tribe surrounding the station for taking good care of the properties and staff over many years.

Provincial Administrator Mr Wandil made a public statement that Nazarene General Hospital will continue to run its operation as independent under its own Church constitution and administrative policies.  No political or public will interfere with the institution management, policy, and ministry of the church.
Thousands of people including Hospital staff turned up to witness the signing and praised God for this great achievement in christian health service in Papua New Guinea.

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Kudjip’s First PNG Dentist

Dentist smKudjip Nazarene hospital have the latest digital x-ray with up-to-date equipment for dental department, thanks to a partnership with Samaritan’s Purse. Dr Sheena Li, a missionary under Samaritan purse program for the last two years, served as a full-time Dentist. This year we a proud to announce one of PNG dentist to be part of the ministry and serve with us.
Dr Lesther Humizo is Kudjip’s first PNG dentist! She grew up in a village called Infinfa near Goroka. “My mom used to have frequent dental problems and suffered a lot from not being able to eat, chew or sleep.” said Dr. Lesther. Because of seeing her mom experiencing this, Lesther wanted to help alleviate some of the pain and suffering of people with dental issues like her mom.  Her parents and uncle kindly supported her in her desire to become a dentist in Papua New Guinea. She completed a 5 year Bachelor of Dental Medicine degree at UPNG.  She was baptized in 2015 at an Adventist church in Mendi. Lesther enjoys playing Rugby, volleyball, cooking and reading. She is a welcome addition to the dental team in Kudjip. We look forward to what the Lord will do in and through her, to continue bringing hope, healing and restoration for people He brings to the hospital each day.

Dental team 2017

Dr Sheena and Dr. Lesther with dental team.


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Blessed to Bless: Papua New Guinean Nazarenes Send their First W&W Team to Vanuatu!

 Posted from Nazarene Asia Pacific Regional News

Vanuatu: Over the years, many Work & Witness (W&W) teams have come from around the world to Papua New Guinea (PNG) to participate in various Kingdom projects. Projects that have included construction, evangelism, medical ministry and so much more.

Nazarene churches and communities in PNG are truly grateful for the blessings that God has poured out on them through the generosity and efforts of these teams of brothers and sisters in Christ.

And now they recognize that God is inviting them to pass on the blessing of ‘foreign mission’ engagement! Papua New Guinea celebrated an important milestone as they sent out their very first International Work & Witness team to Vanuatu last month! From the end of March until the second week of April, the PNG Chimbu/Eastern Highlands W&W Team raised their airfare and traveled to Vanuatu to work on the District Center project.

In preparing to go, the Chimbu Eastern Highlands District raised over 50,000 Kina ($15,762 USD) to launch this vital project. These funds alone, represent sacrifice truly on miraculous levels. The team was led by Mundi Dama, with the help of Melanesia-South Pacific (MSP) W&W Coordinator Adam Peterson. Peter Isaac from Vanuatu was in charge of overseeing the project in the area where he serves as District Superintendent.

“This is worth celebrating,” exclaimed Harmon Schmelzenbach, MSP Field Strategy Coordinator. This is what we’ve been praying for… and God has been faithful to respond to the hearts and the efforts of this great Work &Witness team of Nazarenes from Chimbu Eastern Highlands!”

PNG Chimbu W&W Team’s sacrifice to do mission work in Vanuatu is a living testimony that we are never alone, that all of us are part of a great family of God. God has sent an army of warriors in the spiritual battle in Vanuatu, through the W&W team.

“We are excited to see Papua New Guinean Nazarenes moving upward and outward like never before as they continue to advance into strong Kingdom leadership, reflecting the heart of Christ and partnering with God for His glory and the expansion of His Kingdom!”- Harmon Schmelzenbach, Melanesia-South Pacific Field Strategy Coordinator

PNG Chimbu W&W Team is just the start of this next level of mission involvement! May Papua New Guinea be able to send many more teams like this, in the future, to help their fellow Nazarene brothers and sisters all over the world. May God continue to bless them as they in turn are a blessing to others.

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Nazarene Hospital is excited to announce our two new doctors have arrived, had some cultural orientation in the bush, and are now simultaneously learning Tok Pisin, tropical medicine, and the culture of PNG.  More than that they are already contributing to this great ministry here.  We are excited to see what God will do in their ministries here!  Please pray for them as they adjust and minister here.

Dr. Sheryl Uyedasheryl-uyeda

We have been blessed over the years to partner with World Medical Mission and Samaritan’s Purse programs for helping bring missionaries doctors for long and short term to work with the Nazarene Hospital. This year we are blessed to have Dr Sheryl Uyeda, a General Surgeon.  Dr Sheryl is coming through Samaritan’s Purse Post-Residency program. Dr. Sheryl visited Kudjip Nazarene hospital in 2016 for two weeks as a resident and felt the call to serve in PNG.  Dr. Sheryl adds to our growing surgical ministry that is not only seeing more surgery patients, but training rural doctors to be able to do surgery in rural areas of PNG.

Nathan and Beckey Mason

MasonsDr. Nathan Mason, Family Practitioner with his wife Beckey and children- Jeremiah, Josiah, Naomi, Caleb, and Lydia came through the Church of the Nazarene. Nathan first became interested in medicine during middle school.  Following three mission trips in college he knew God was leading him towards medical missions.  Dr. Nathan will be helping with general medicine needs in outpatient, inpatient, and taking over Dr. Andy’s talipe’s clinic (club-foot children).

Beckey felt called to the mission field as a child and had her heart drawn to helping orphans with disabilities following a summer mission trip during college.

The kids are adjusting well to the new setting and are a great addition to this big missionary family.


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Housing and Water Project

Housing was one of the biggest concerns for Nazarene Hospital over the years.  Many staff were living in overcrowded homes and some families lived in single rooms. 10 single family housesWe praise God that so many districts of the Church of the Nazarene chose Kudjip to contribute through the NMI 100 Year Anniversary Projects.  This was used to as counterpart funding to a USAID grant that leveraged a larger Australian Aid grant to match all the inputs (USAID and church).  We are so blessed with the Housing and Water Project coming to its completion this year.

NHM completed thirty two staff houses and a clean sustainable water project (triple well system) that provides water supply to the hospital and all of the station.  Tank Farm NHM wishes to give special acknowledgement to our project team, with Earl, Jordan, and Kingston taking the lead with our teams of local workers to complete this project. The project does not only benefit the hospital staff but community can now benefit from clean water supply with a tap added on the community road. God is doing great things here and we are looking forward to continuing to work in partnership with church and other donors.

Mr Tulbai is one of our Primary Health staff who moved into one of the newly built homes. Mr Tulbai pictures here with his family of eight, was living in a small two bedroom house more than 10 years and now can enjoy this great blessing with his family.Tulbai family duplex



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Hospital celebrated 50 years of health Service in PNG.

50th celebrationFrom the beginning Wanda and Sydney Knox without formal training begin to provide simple care to the sick and injured. From that simple care came about the health centre to a Hospital now. We praise God for the last 50 years of hope, truth and healing to the people of Jiwaka, and Papua New Guinea.

We praise God for the wonderful service and celebration through the week with testimonies from pioneer missionaries and nationals who have given their life and contributed to the development of this place.
Special Acknowledgement was made to the international delegates, pioneer missionaries, Districts Superintendents and our retired nationals.

During the week of celebration a special tribute was payed to those who have died and cannot be physically present at the anniversary to witness. Many poured out tears as they heard the stories of how these early workers first worked and saw patients with limited resources.  It was a wonderful time of reflection over the past 50 years as the healthcare grew to be a fully functioning facility with delivery, out patients, medical, surgery and primary health. pioneer missionariesThere have been many great achievements over the last 50 years and we are looking to the future with even more potential to grow this ministry. It’s because of each and every one involved: from staff who continue the work of compassionate care, to our prayer and financial partners all over the world who also have a heart to help give hope to those in need.

DS Andrew Akus shared the first night, and reminded us that no matter what we do or where we go, the most important thing is showing God’s love in such a way that a person may come to know Jesus. Praise God that faith put into action has been the focus of the hospital.  As God has loved us, we love and serve others. Because of the love of Christ shown to patients through the years, countless 1000’s of men and women, boys and girls have heard of Jesus and made the decision to become followers of Him as well. More than 30 churches have come about from patients requesting that the hospital Chaplains visit their home area and help them start a church. The healing that has occurred hasn’t just been physical, but spiritual, something that will last far longer than just the physical.  These spiritual changes have resulted in healed relationships, marriages, and communities.

Pioneer missionaries came to celebrate what God has done over the years.bartles, john bromley and jan watson Dr Neville and Joyce Bartle from New Zealand, Sister Jan Watson from Australia, and John Bromley (son of William Bromley – one of first missionary’s in the Jimi valley) came to celebrate.  The first nursing graduates from the college and others who have worked here like Papa Yapo and Sandy (driver for 40 years) also attended.  The pioneer and long-serving staff were awarded with medals of recognition for their hard work in this ministry.

The celebration ended on Saturday morning with words of encouragements and blessings from representatives of the international church – General Superintendent Dr. David Graves, Regional Director Dr. Mark Louw, and World Mission Director Dr. Vern Ward who himself served as a missionary to PNG.


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