Kudjip Nazarene Hospital
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Papua New Guinea

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A hospital with no gauze

Hospital out of GauzeThis is reality in serving in a resource poor setting:

Currently we are out of exam gloves, gauze, morphine, and several antibiotics.. but still doing surgery…. and we are still one of the best equipped/staffed place in the country!

How would you like to have a surgery with no post-op morphine? How does a doctor do Hospital using roller bandages for gauzea repair of a stab wound gushing blood in the Emergency Room with no gauze, just wiping with cotton balls.

The pictures are our Central Supply staff cutting up “roller bandages” – old-fashioned torn sheet bandage rolls donated by churches.  They are cutting them into strips to be sterilized and used instead of gauze until we get resupplied.  Thanks for all of the churches and individuals who help!

We currently have two 20 ft. containers stuck in port with customs for 3 months that have gauze and gloves in them.  Recently the government announced a 40% cut to our funding next year.  We appreciate your prayers. You can see more and help through our greatest need fund.


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