Kudjip Nazarene Hospital
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Papua New Guinea

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Be The Face of Love

Trinity CO Springs VBS Medicine 2014Many of you know that the Nazarene Hospital only runs at the level that it does because of the generosity of God’s people. You likely know the importance of our “Greatest Need Fund”. This is the fund we use to make up deficits in medicine, equipment, supplies, and to do better spiritual ministry. The government has announced a budget cut for next year that would decrease our funding by 40%.
Dr. Mark with twins he helped deliverI am not just writing just to ask for donations, I am thinking more importantly of the personal side of things. We know God is faithful and one of the most important ways that he works is through His people. We post pictures of our work in PNG specifically to connect those of you who pray for and support our ministry. We want you to see that your gifts and your time help real people – you see the staff and missionaries that you have enabled to be the love of Christ to each patient. You see the faces of real people with pain and need. You see us bind up the broken and show people new life in Christ.

We also want to do the same the other direction. In this time where many see fear as they look to our future and struggle even now with the shortages we are already experiencing, we want people to look to God… but it helps to put flesh to that idea. Project Save Container 2015 07We want our missionaries, staff, and our patients to also see that it is real people – individuals and churches, who give to make this ministry possible. It is God who is at work on both sides. He is able to provide and real people continue to be involved, loving, giving, praying, and sending the church as the body of Christ to meet needs in a hurting world.
If you give a gift in December, please send me an email (less than 1 MB) and we will put your picture (and even a couple sentences) up on a wall at the hospital to let people know God has not forgotten us.  We will put your picture below the following message, as well as writing it in Pidgin of course.
Thanks for helping us be the face of Christ,
Give to Greatest Need and send your picture to Dr. Scott Dooley

Because they love God, they love you. That is who the church is.
Every month many Christians around the world give to Kudjip Nazarene Hospital to help us run.

When they heard that funding to Kudjip Nazarene Hospital was being cut by the government next year, these people gave a special Christmas gift – to help us serve you! Real, everyday people, just like you, who want to share the love that they have found in Jesus Christ.Heart reflection

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